Richard Rodgers Theatre is one of New York’s best places to see Broadway shows. The theatre is notable because of its seating program also known as a democratic seating plan. The theatre features an entrance where all guests enter the exact same door. Guests who will watch on the upper seating areas use stairs to access the region.

The seating area of the theatre contains the orchestra floor, lower box A, lower box B, reduced box C and lower box D. It also has upper box , upper box F, top box G and upper box H. The theatre also comes with a back mezzanine.

Seating area details

  • Orchestra — The very best seats in theĀ  Richard Rodgers Theatre is situated within this region. It covers the complete floor and it is located close to the proximity to the stage. If you will reserve your seat, it’s preferable to choose the front and center part of the stage. Depending on the evaluation of the seats, the exact front rows have a restricted view as it is near the lip of the stage that blocks the operation area.
  • Theatre box — The theatre box area can be found close to the point yet it is an elevated location. The majority of the places are located on the faces of this theatre. The restricted side-view might not be perfect for a few but still, you can watch the actors acting in the stage.

  • Front Mezzanine — This place is located over the orchestra area. It provides seating views within an aerial perspective which enables you to find the complete stage from this part. You’re able to see the stage effortlessly since it offers the direct view of the point.
  • Rear Mezzanine — It is the farthest part of the stage but it gives a full view of the operation. It is also the highest amount from the theatre.